A Voice Of Hope

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I carved it on all the fronts

With bold handwriting rising all headlines

May name follows me lives with me and natures me

It ignites the fire in my soul and pilses through my veins

The caves of mountain knows me

I did my best then asked the nation to be

Salahuddin is calling from deep inside me

All of my arabs identity calls for revenge and freedom

And my flag that were foided up
on the hills of Hittien

And the voice of Mu’azzin al-Aqsa alarmed and calling for help

And thousands and thounsands of prisoners

Are calling on the nation and chanting

Tell them to al-Quds

To a war denouncing oppression and destroying Zionism

Rewarding Palestinians flag in the skies

And repeating my words

Palestinian… Palestinian… Palestinian…


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